Saturday, October 24, 2015

Mini matches and 3D matches on 67P

 2) Mini matches and 3D matches within high resolution images constrained by the position of the large scale matches.

This section is about researching higher resolution Navcam images that relate to constrained small subsections of the large scale mirrored lines that we have identified. To identify that we are in fact, looking at the exact spot that we need to be, we use fiduciary points (features that we can recognise on more than one image) and a knowledge of the scale and viewing angle of the image. These are cross checked with different Navcam images to further calibrate scale and angle. This is in fact beyond the scope of the 3D models that are available, as is evidenced by the observation that these real features that are visible in many 2D images are smoothed over in the 3D models.

These mini matches make the original match conclusive, because if the large scale match was a coincidence based on large features, there is extremely low expectation of the constrained smaller section also matching in the small scale and/or in the third dimension.

Following is the images showing one crucial 3D match. See following images for orientation. See link for detailed explanation including original un-annotated images. All Navcam images. All annotations by A. Cooper.

Blog post about 3D match